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Simon Porter is a British Composer for film and television.

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BOOKING.COM // commercial

BETWAY // commercial

DUMBO // trailer

APARTMENTS.COM // commercial

THE FARM // film

DRIVE TO SURVIVE // netflix sync



I am a freelance composer writing for film and television.

I scored my first feature film, Patients of a Saint, in 2018, recording more than 50 minutes of music with the Sofia Session Orchestra and Choir in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I co-scored my first prime-time television documentary also in 2018 - the award-winning Drowning in Plastic, which premiered on BBC1 in October. At the beginning of 2019 I had the opportunity to score Alien Containment - one of six short films set in the official Alien universe - as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of Ridley Scott's 1979 original.

I also score commercials, with clients including, Betway, and L'Oreal. When I'm not scoring to picture, I write production music for libraries including EMI, BMG, and BAM, and I have had music synched in such television programmes as The Apprentice, Panorama, and WWE, as well as for film trailers, including Dumbo, Logan Lucky, and Live by Night.

Through scoring to picture and writing production music, I have enjoyed recording my music at Abbey Road and Angel Studios in London, as well as studios abroad in Budapest and Sofia.

I gained my Batchelor of Music from City University in 2007, specialising in instrumental and electroacoustic composition, as well as the study of ethnomusicology. While I am continuing the former professionally through writing for film and television, I keep up my pursuit of the latter between projects, travelling as much as I can, and learning about the music of the places I visit. My travels so far have enabled me to take percussion lessons in Cuba, Belize, Colombia and India, building upon my 25 years as a classically-trained drummer and percussionist.

I was one of the Pandemonium Drummers who performed at the ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I am a member of the BAFTA Crew 2019 talent development programme.

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Alternatively, if you happen to be in the London area, you are welcome to bellow in my general direction at around 15-35 hertz, at a sound pressure circa 117 decibels, and I will attempt to interpret your message seismically.

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