I also write for commercials, film trailers, theatre, interactive media and concert performance, drawing on a diverse range of influences accrued during more than 20 years as a drummer and percussionist. 

Most recently, I have scored feature film Patients of a Saint, directed by Russell Owen, Alien: Containment, a short film set in the official Alien universe, and the BBC nature documentary Drowning in Plastic, presented by Liz Bonnin, which explores the impact of plastics on the marine environment.

In the UK, my music can also be heard on Formula 1: Drive to SurviveFifty Golden Years of Sport on BBC Two, and Pistorius Trial: The Key Questions, amongst others, whilst in the US, selected credits include WWE Smackdown, the 2014 Miami Masters Tennis, The Hunt with John Walsh, and Ultimate Fighting Champion

Commercial clients include Booking.com, L’Oreal, and Amstel, while trailers using my music include Dumbo (2019), Logan Lucky (2017), Live by Night (2017), and The Walk (2016).

In addition to regular writing for television and independent film, I have had the pleasure of working on numerous campaign films for charities and NGOs in the UK, including those for The World Economic ForumThe Finance Innovation LabThe National Trust, and Global Witness - the latter of which was screened at the TED Global conference in Rio de Janeiro in October 2014. 

In April 2014, I was commissioned by The Bridgeman Singers to write a choral anthem - set to George Herbert's 17th-century text, Vertue - which premiered in London in November that year. As a music producer, I have worked with a number of UK-based singer-songwriters, most recently including Mike d'Abo (Handbags and Gladrags, Build Me Up Buttercup). 

I also writes demo material for music software developers including Strezov SamplingWide Blue Sound, and Embertone

I write from my home studio in southeast London, where I can also be found pursuing ethnomusicology, photography, interacting with passing dogs, compiling lists, and drinking tea, medium strength, with milk and no sugar. I was also one of the Pandemonium Drummers who performed at the ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games.